What Wonderful, Strange Times We’ve Had (Goodbye)

Hi, everyone! Inkwell here. It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that we have decided against maintaining this site as a platform for active releases. In short, we may put new content out here but have no plans, nor deadlines, nor timetables for doing so. This was due to a number of reasons — among them our various worklives, the way that we fit together as a team, and differing expectations — but none of us is passing out any blame. We’ve had a good time doing what we’ve been able to get done, and, realistically, we haven’t been putting out releases with any kind of regularity in a long while. In the end, it was just easier to make the unofficial termination of the release schedule official; so here we are.

First, I think that I speak for all of us when I say “thank you” to any and all of the folks who have read our stories. Rest assured, they won’t be going anywhere — we plan to keep this site up for as long as we can, so feel free to read and reread anything that might catch your interest. Second, I want to say “thank you” to my fellow writers. While we didn’t quite arrive at the place where I think we all planned to when we set out, it was still a road worth walking, and I count my time spent hammering out Strange Moon Chronicles material as time well-spent. Third, feel free to reach out to all of us via the information contained in the Contact Us section — just because we’re scrapping the release schedule doesn’t mean that we’re retreating from the internet. Fourth, and finally, we are all doing work in other places, so if any of our writings caught your eye, feel free to reach out to us, and we’ll let you know where you can find our material.

I think that that about does it. It’s been a terrific ride, and while the car may not be something that we’ll drive out all that often, we might still take it for an occasional spin — we’ll post here when or if that happens.

Last of all, posts like these always fill me with a sensation of longing and, yes, grief. Would things have unfolded differently, we might not be here — but here we are, nonetheless. To wrap up, allow me to share one of my favorite quotes (from a terrible anime, of all places) —

“For those with wings, fly to your dreams.”

So long and take care.


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