What is Strange Moon Chronicles?

Strange Moon Chronicles is, in short, a fiction serial about superhumans.

Okay, Seriously, What Is It?

Okay, okay, more detail! The history of Strange Moon Chronicles perfectly mirrors that of the real world until October 25, 1962. On that day, the Strange Moon arrived suddenly in orbit around the Earth and thus gave incontrovertible proof of alien life as shown by its artificial construction. Though the aliens themselves were absent, their goal in sending the Object (as its also known) seemed to be to give mankind superpowers.

From the above events, we have charted out as realistically as possible with the effects of having superhumans worldwide would have done to 50 years of history (the start date of the main body of stories is August, 2012).

So, Then, Like Watchmen, Kinda?

Yes and no. Watchmen posited the existence of “superhuman phenomena” and took a pessimistic look at what they would do. We took the same idea and asked “What would an optimistic take on that look like?”

So here we are.

You’re Gonna Have Groovy Stories With Far Out Heroes, Then?

Nope. As cool is it would be to do the 60’s and 70’s in an alternate history populated by superhumans, the stories begin in August, 2012 and are set at the Ohio Academy for Extranormals. There are three branches of stories, two of which focus on the student body with the third focusing on the security staff that keeps the school safe from threats both within and without.

The Ohio What?

Ohio Academy for Extranormal Individuals. It’s one of a whole bunch of federally funded public boarding schools for new superhumans- mostly high schoolers, with some younger and some older ones thrown in. Extras from all over the state of Ohio (and sometimes others) go there to get the best training and instruction in dealing with and making use of their new powers.

So Kind Of Like Harry X Potter Men?

Kind of! But the security staff are very thorough and capable, so if there are any epic battles to be had or plots to be foiled — whether on the grounds or in the city of Akron — they’re going to be taking care of it, not the kids. (So if you want to read about that sort of thing, it’ll be in Gatekeepers.)

Where Do I Start?

How about on the Stories page!

Do You Have Any Questions for Me?

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