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The world changed on that day in 1962, when war seemed all but inevitable. All the sabre rattling lost its appeal when a moonlike Object, a Strange Moon, appeared in orbit and instantly captured Earth’s attention. All her brightest minds could do was confirm what everyone already knew in their hearts: it was artificial in nature but nonetheless inarguable proof of alien life.

These aliens, it would seem, had a purpose that none could have known: the Object was there to make mankind into something extraordinary.

The courageous young woman of color who formed a translucent barrier to save President Kennedy’s life was only the first publicly known Extra. From the proud volunteers who helped bring a decisive end to the conflict in Vietnam to the freedom fighters turned statesmen of the Pan-African Protectorate and the unassisted fliers that established mankind’s gateway to the solar system, Extras have occupied unique and fantastic places in the history of America and the world.

Nearly 50 years have passed since the Object appeared. Today, the next generation of Extras study at institutions such as the Ohio Academy for Extranormal Individuals, learning how they might contribute their unique gifts and insights toward building a better world.

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