About Us

About A Strange Little Company

Formed Fall, 2013 between Aaron Daniels, Andrew Perron, and Kendal Reed, a A Strange Little Company is a writing collective founded on our shared love of superheroes. We wanted to do something thoroughly grounded and realistic but with a positive spin, as angst has been the only thing to wring out of these kinds of stories for too long.

About Aaron Daniels

System administrator by day and writer by night, Aaron has set his sights on making a living from writing as his sole income. It’s about as easy as it sounds (which is to say, not in any way easy [I mean, really, jeez]).

About Andrew Perron

The spirited warrior of joy and fun! The superhero genre is the best one there is, so douse your head in water and repent!

About Kendal Reed

Kendal is going to get a college degree and move out of his parents’ house one of these days. Seriously. For now, he’s committed to yelling about professors and writing about superheroes, when he isn’t yelling about superheroes or writing about professors.

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